Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Independence of a Star

Do you want to be a copy or do you want to be a star? I haven´t done my research, but I am going to take a wild guess that all stars are unique. There isn't one star that looks exactly like another. They are all unique, just like snowflakes and all else in nature.

For humans the discovery and embodiment of this uniqueness can become really tricky business. We have self-awareness and are endowed with amazing imitation capabilities, which is good. It means we can learn to speak, read and write and dress and drink tea and all that. But it can also become a huge obstacle. See, my writing of this is star, unique writing. There is no editing and no pre-meditation, it´s just what flows out of my fingers. Just like most of my articles since my star-realization. I am a star, are you?

I wasn't always a star, I used to be a huge Ricky Martin imitator and wanna-be. My goal in life used to be being Ricky Martin. Literally. I had to be him. I am not exaggerating. I am sure many of you are going through this or have gone through this. May you feel free to confess your name and say what kind of issues you have keeping from being a star -- namely who you are trying to imitate and what is holding you back.

What holds me back is what hold most stars back, fear of shining too bright and blinding people. I am a considerate star. I know there is close to no modesty in what I write.

Let me tell you why you are a copycat or a wanna-be. It´s not your fault. You were brainwashed since conception. The self-awareness gift/curse humanity is endowed with has made room for a lot of confusion. We lose ourselves in images and ideas very easily, it´s because we are so creative. We have to learn to channel this creative energy and use it wisely. For this we must find out not things ABOUT ourselves but who we ACTUALLY, DIRECTLY are.

How? Inquire. Who am I? What am I? What´s the truth? What´s prior to everything? What´s beyond everything?

Deep, deep questioning, if that interests you and you want to discover the creative star way -- that´s your ticket. Stillness, questioning, contemplation, meditation, earnestness and deep interest in wanting to know who you truly are.

This is already happening to a lot of people, and if you got as far as here reading this, you guessed it... you are one of them! So keep questioning and find out who YOU are.

Have fun!

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